Tropicana is a winner of the 2022 Digiday Awards
The 2022 Digiday Awards winners illustrated how companies are navigating innovative technologies and taking a stand for inclusivity.
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Tropicana’s New Accessory Turns Your Juice Bottle Into a ‘Mimosa Maker’
The spray top has three settings ‘Whisper,’ ‘Spritz’ and ‘Shower,’ so you can perfect your OJ-to-bubbly ratio.
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PEOPLE's Food Awards 2022: The 65 Best Supermarket Products of the Year
Our testers ate, drank and cooked nearly 1,300 different products to find the most delicious new foods in the grocery store
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Naked Juice's “Goodness Outside” Commitment Provides Another $50,000 to Alleviate Poverty Through Whole Planet Foundation
Naked Juice, a Tropicana Brands Group product, is a supporter of Whole Planet Foundation since 2007, and it is renewing its $50,000 per year commitment to the Foundation’s Supplier Alliance for Microcredit.
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Tropicana Launches a Cereal Made to Be Doused in Orange Juice
When it comes to what to pair with cereal, milk, while classic, may be for the unimaginative. A surprising number of people prefer orange juice on their morning cereal, a recent survey underwritten by Tropicana…
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Naked Juice launches new smoothie flavors
MONROVIA, CALIF. — Naked Juice expanded its smoothie line with the addition of the orange vanilla crème and Key lime flavors.
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PAI Partners agrees to acquire Tropicana, Naked and other select juice brands from PepsiCo
PepsiCo, Inc. (NASDAQ: PEP) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with PAI Partners (PAI) to sell Tropicana, Naked and other select juice brands across North America, and an irrevocable option to sell…
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Naked Products
Naked rolls out plant-based protein beverage line
Naked is expanding beyond the world of smoothie beverages with its latest launch. New to the brand’s portfolio is the Indulgent Protein line. Featuring 30 g of plant-based protein, the beverages, which come in two…
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Tropicana toothpaste
Is It Too Good to Be True?
Tropicana Creates Toothpaste That Won’t Ruin Orange Juice
We’ve seen toothpastes over the years that offer all sorts of wild flavor combinations, from mojito to chocolate, but a new toothpaste isn’t really about the flavor of the paste. Instead, it’s about maintaining the…
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